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What is an Energy Certificate

What is an EPC – Energy Certificate

In June 2013, Spanish law decreed that property owners must have an authorised Energy Certificate or  Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for their home, and certainly must be in possession of this document if they wish to sell.

Owners who wish to rent out a property must also have an Energy Certificate, and if a buyer or renter asks to see the certificate and you don’t have it, then you stand the chance of being fined. The notary will also expect to see a copy to complete a sale, so it really pays to get your Energy Certificate well in advance.

Indeed, if you put your home up for sale or rent prior to obtaining the certificate, even if you get one during the process of selling or renting, you can also be fined.

What is energy certification?

Have you ever viewed a property either to buy or rent and asked, “How much are your fuel bills?” You may get an honest reply, or you may not. The EPC provides you with something like the truth. An EPC provides objective information compiled by a qualified technician who inspects the types of energy used in a property and then calculates the annual energy consumption needed under normal occupancy conditions, e.g. use of hot water, heating, lighting and air conditioning.

The property is then assigned one of seven letters on a scale where A is the most energy efficient building and G is the least efficient. You will now often see the energy efficiency status of a property stated in each listing by real estate agents. Buyers can also check the regional property registry to see if a certificate has been issued as it is recorded in the Catastral as it is known in Spain.

Cost of obtaining an EPC

The cost of an EPC depends on a property’s floor area as follows according to EPC-Spain.com, but please be aware that costs may vary:

  • Up to 100m2 100€ + IVA
  • 100m2 – 200m2 195€ + IVA
  • 200m2 – 300m2 215€ + IVA
  • 400m2 + €280 + IVA

If you think that the cost of an EPC is expensive, then just look at the fines for not having one according to Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Law:

  • Minor offences – 3,005€
  • Serious offences – 3,005€ – 15,025€
  • Very serious offences – 15,025€ – 601,012€

Clearly, it is more economic to comply with the law and get an EPC, which lasts for 10 years. Owners are responsible for the renewal of a certificate at the ten-year mark.

How do I get an Energy Performance Certificate?

You need to find an architect or a specialist technician who is authorised to issue an EPC and qualified in undertaking building projects or thermal installations. The technician will visit the property and gather information about ownership, the property location and other data about the building.

He or she will then perform an energy audit that will take into account the following: the building’s orientation; its exterior exposure to the climate; the number of windows and doors and the technician will examine the water, electrical and gas systems as well.

This data is then processed through government-approved software that analyses all the factors and gives the property a grading A-G. The owner is given the certificate, but it is also registered with the official land and property registry at the Junta de Andalucia in the case of Marbella residences.

Please make sure you have your Energy Certificate or EPC if you are considering selling and if you’re not sure who to engage to undertake the survey, please drop into Marbella Dream Living and we’ll help you find an authorised technician.


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